Sandy Hook Questions

PREAMBLE: We believe that these questions will lead to final answers and help uncover the real events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14/2012. We hope that these fair questions will lead to either corroborating or exculpatory evidence that will provide a clearer picture of the events surrounding that tragic day. We believe all these questions should be thoroughly investigated and dispositioned until final determination can be made as to whether any further criminal charges should be made in this citizen’s investigation of the Sandy Hook Event.


1) Adam Lanza and the Lanza Family

2) Sandy Hook Elementary

3) Men In The Woods

4) EMT Protocol and Medical Anomalies On Site

5) Firehouse Anomalies

6) The Child Victims and Survivors

7) The Adult Victims and Survivors

8) The Families of Victims

9) The 911 Calls

10) The Medical Examiner Wayne Carver

11) Law Enforcement in Newtown

12) Vance and Other Drills

13) Gene Rosen

14) Church of Satan/Masonic Links

15) Newtown Real Estate

16) Chris Rodia

17) Eric Holder, Gun Control and Project Longevity

18) Newtown Bee and Reporters

19) Local Hospitals and Emergency Room Staff

20) Fairfield Hills

21) The Lawyers and Lawsuits

22) The Manfredonia Mystery

23) Media Collusion and Complicity

24) The LIBOR Scandal

25) St Rose of Lima

26) The Sedensky Report

27) HSEEP/ Black Drills and FEMA and DHS Involvement

What if someone other than Adam Lanza is responsible for the death of 20 innocent children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook- wouldn’t you want to know who the evil, lying perpetrators are so that justice can be served as soon as possible? We invite you to ask these questions so that we can prosecute the real killers and bring justice to those who were sacrificed.
In addition, if we have been lied to, the stakes then are extremely high- it becomes a civic duty.

1) Adam Lanza and the Lanza Family
~ As a Senior Partner at Ernst and Young, what role did Peter Lanza, and the young accountant, Ryan Lanza, play in the audit done for USB, the institution at the center of the LIBOR Scandal, who paid this top Accounting Firm $107 million dollars to “balance their books” in 2011 immediately before this historic banking scandal broke out that involves the manipulation of global markets and high-level theft to the tune of 800 TRILLION dollars world-wide?

~ Why have there been no interviews with Peter Lanza or Ryan Lanza?

~Why was it originally reported that Peter Lanza was found dead in his NJ home? 

~ Why did initial reports indicate that Adam Lanza’s Girlfriend who lived in NJ was dead?

~How could there be a Death Certificate issued from the State of New Hampshire on 12/13/2012 with Adam Lanza’s name on it if he died the next day from a self-inflicted gunshot wound?

~Why was Adam originally misidentified as his brother Ryan and why would Adam have Ryan’s ID on his person?

~How could a person with Adam’s physical attributes (110-140lbs) carry over 50 lbs of guns, ammo and gear into SHE and then proceed to kill 26 people in approx. 5 minutes with a military marksman/sniper level Kill Ratio?

~ Who is the source that originally communicated that Nancy Lanza was a Teacher at SHE and who initially reported this information?

~ Why would Adam destroy his Hard Drive if he was planning on suicide, being killed or going to jail for life, the only 3 possible outcomes of his planned agenda and what incriminating information would he be trying to hide- what was he afraid they might find on there?

~ Why are there no cell phone records for Adam Lanza?

~ If Nancy was killed in her bed before Adam went to SHE, why weren’t neighbors able to hear the powerful rifle reports and why were no police called to the scene by people living in the surrounding houses on 36 Yogananda St.?

~If it was it initially reported that Nancy Lanza was shot 4 times in her bed, why does the Official Police Report say that only 1 bullet was retrieved from the Lanza home?

~ Who was Adam’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) and what records do they have on their servers that would reveal all of Adam’s Internet Activity and Download Data- why are we even talking about a smashed hard drive? 

~ Where is a picture of Ryan Lanza’s ID that was allegedly found on Adam Lanza and wouldn’t this have been entered as evidence and been part of the Sedensky Report?

2) Sandy Hook Elementary
~ One year before the “massacre” Sandy Hook School received money for new Security cameras, where then is the video from the recently-installed surveillance system?

~ If the cameras were “not functioning” that day, who is responsible and who installed them?

~ Why was the crime scene razed with extreme prejudice, pulverizing to dust all the concrete and melting into liquid all the steel thus destroying all forensic evidence?

~ Why were the demolition crews made to sign a non-disclosure gag order?

~ Who made the decision to raze and destroy the crime scene in Oct. 2013 before the release of the Crime Report in Nov. 2013 and isn’t the destruction of a crime scene a felony?

~ Why is there no video footage or photographs from the hundreds of people with phone cameras of any of the groups of 500+ children being evacuated from the school or arriving at the Firehouse?

~ Why was the Center of Operations 400 yards down the road at the Firehouse and why was access to the school completely blocked by law enforcement and government vehicles?

~ Why was it not a top priority to clear a passage for ground transport of the victims and if deaths could have been prevented by clear passage why are there no wrongful death lawsuits being brought before the NPD?

~ Why was there such minimal and relaxed activity happening outside of the school in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and why can’t anyone detect the energy of a Mass Casualty Incident?

~ If the classroom doors lock from the inside and if the windows are bullet-proof, then how was Adam Lanza able to enter a second classroom at all?

~ Who broke the Entrance Glass at SHE as some police accounts indicate it was Adam and other police accounts say it was NPD and if it was the police, which policemen did so?

~ If SHE is publicly-owned, then where are the public records of the HAZMAT Team that was contracted to clean up all the blood, bone and biomass and which date was this performed?

~Why, when and by whom was all the classroom furniture removed from SHE and transported to the new school location?

~ Why haven’t we seen any photographs of the crime scene?

~ On the day of the “Event” why do helicopter videos show in the SHE parking lot every single car in the first row backed in and every single car in the second row pulled front first?

~ Why are there 70 non-police and non-letter agency cars in the parking lot if there were only 45 – 50 employees at sandy hook at the time?

~ Are there any underground tunnels beneath SHE?

~If EMT’s were held at bay at the Firehouse and prevented from attending to the wounded because they were told it continued to be an “active shooter situation”, then why at 10:25am on the police scanner did an officer say that there’s a big group coming out of the school if it was still an active event- why would they put the kids at risk rather than keep them in the classrooms until the threat was nullified?

~ If Wayne Carver said there were 3-11 shots in each of the 27 deceased, why do a number of witnesses and survivors at SHE describe hearing 6-7 shots fired rather than hundreds?

3) Men In The Woods
~ Who was the police officer that said “They’re coming at me down Crestwood Drive” and who did he mean by “They”?

~ If Chris Manfredonia was looking for access to his 6 year old daughter in Roig’s class by the front of the school, why did he not simply step thru the Entrance Glass allegedly broken by the shooter?

~ If Chris Manfredonia was on-site at SHE in the morning to help with building Gingerbread Houses which he claims as the reason for his being there, why then do other parents, such as Diana and Roberts Lacotta, report on CNN and they were planning to go in at 2pm to do the same end-of-the-day-type activity and why did Neil Heslin tell the NY Post he was going to go in at 2:30?

~ If Chris Manfredonia lives directly behind Adam Lanza’s house and since they were arriving at SHE at roughly the same time, is there any possibility that CM saw the shooter before he entered the building that morning?

~ Why did Newtown Bee Reporter, Andrew Gorosko, report at the end of an article that an armed, off-duty tactical-weapons officer (SWAT) from a neighboring town was apprehended by NPD in the woods immediately after the shooting – who is this person and why was he on site?

~ If this SWAT Team member was part of the response team, why wasn’t the NPD informed in advance of a tactical team present on-site before their arrival?

~ If Newtown resident and eyewitness John Low identified on news video Chris Manfredonia as the person dressed in black camo escorted by police from the woods and who was proned and whom a child witness also wrongly identified as “the victim”, then why was he set free and not taken into custody as a potential shooter?

~ What did the forensics reveal on the 2 black hoodies that were strewn alongside the 2 open doors of the black Camry registered to Chris Rodia? Did they test match for Chris Manfredonia’s hair or DNA? How about for Chris Rodia?

~ Who was the person seated in the front seat of a NPD cruiser as per eyewitness John Low?

4) EMT Protocol and Medical Anomalies 
~ Who ordered the Emergency Responders to “Stand Down”?

~ Why didn’t EMTs follow START protocol for this Mass Casualty Incident?

~ Once Police scanner indicated the premises were “Clear”, why were EMTs not allowed to then enter the building to assess the condition of the dead, dying or wounded?

~ Who specifically pronounced the children dead and what protocol was followed to make this determination?

~ Why, in advance of the SHE shooting, did Wayne Carver push hard to get legislation passed that would bar public access to children’s autopsies? 

~ How did Wayne Carver complete 26 autopsies in less than 48 hours? 

~ Since a photograph is not “Positive Identification”, why did Wayne Carver presume that parents would consent to accept the death of their children by a 2-D photograph, which can be photoshopped, in preference to actually being permitted to approach their children in 3-D to positively confirm their identities, as is standard protocol in most homicide investigations?

~ What was Wayne Carver referring to when he said, “I hope this doesn’t all come crashing down on our heads”?

~ Why was it initially reported that the bodies would remain in the School until Sunday when putrefaction would be well advanced- who made this decision?

~ Why were the bodies spirited away on Saturday night under the cover of darkness- who exactly was involved with the removal of the bodies, how were they transported and to what location were they delivered?

~ If over 500 persons were evacuated from the school, and if about 5 with gunshot wounds were removed, then why have there been no photographs or video footage that reveal any blood whatsoever on the entrance and exit walks at SHE?

~ Who was contracted to deal with the Hazardous material (HAZMAT) in the aftermath and to clean up all the blood, bone and biomass- how were these materials processed and where did it end up?

~ Why were ambulances blocked at the Firehouse and who decided that walking gurneys 400 yards was preferable to having ambulances at the exits of the school if “every second counts” when it comes to saving a life?

~ Why was the only access road to SHE completely blocked, preventing timely ground transport to hospitals for victims?

~ Which hospitals were contacted in advance to alert them to an influx of potential wounded and how many wounded actually were seen by Emergency Room staff – what are the names of the Doctors and Nurses that attended the wounded?

~ Why was an offer for EMT help from neighboring towns turned down- who specifically turned down the offer for help?

~ Why were no trauma helicopters called to respond to the shooting victims and survivors?

~ What is the full name and occupation of a woman named “Lisa” who was wearing a bright yellow overcoat at the Firehouse and and as seen in the helicopter footage and who was the check-in point person to the arriving EMTs?

~ Why did “Lisa” ask for EMTs identification and where did she go online to process their info before returning their ID to them?

~ Why did “Lisa” ask arriving EMTs if they had any recording devices and why did she ask them to turn off all their cell phones?

~ Why were some EMTs told to leave the parking lot upon arrival being told ”because it wasn’t secured” after being escorted there by other police- why would police escort anyone to the scene if it was not already “secured”?

~Why was it safe for the kids to evacuate “early on” towards the woods while police reported that there was a “second possible shooter in the woods” but not safe for first responders to be on scene to try to rescue the wounded and dying?

~ Why would an interviewed First Responder say this:? “I have been in 3 previous emergency preparedness training exercises and this is what I thought it was. I honestly thought that we were part of a drill but we were not told about it in order to make our reactions seem real.”

~Why would a local EMT Captain seek to silence his staff as per a First Responder who said in an interview: “He finally called us into his office and told us it was best to not ask questions or discuss the events that transpired.” 

5) Firehouse Anomalies
~ Who at the Firehouse placed the delivery order for the portapotties, the palette of bottled water, the 26 Christmas in back of the Firehouse and when did they place these orders and from whom did they receive these orders?

~ Why do the Sandy Hook Fire Chief, Bill Halstead, who is also the local Emergency Preparedness Director, ex-wife, Barbara Halstead, who works as secretary 400 yards away at SHE and who called 911 dispatch, and daughter, Karin Halstead, a Sandy Hook EMS Captain who responded to that 911 call appear to all be at the epicenter of this operation?

~ Why were people walking around with color-coded ID cards around their necks and clipped on their clothing, what was the purpose of these cards and where did they come from?

~ Who arranged to have a large-screen electronic road sign set up outside the Firehouse whose message read “Everyone must check in”, who delivered the sign, when and what was the purpose of checking in besides asking EMTs if they had any recording devices and to turn off their cell phones “so it wouldn’t interfere with radio signals”?

~ In all the firehouse photographs and video, was is there a general lack of grief, outrage and emotion among the persons present, especially if many there are supposed to be the parents of the 500+ students who were just evacuated from the site of a Mass Casualty Incident involving children?

~ Why were there an unusually high number of cars at the Firehouse that morning preceding the shooting as mentioned by a local Newtown resident?

~ Why don’t we see the 500+ children evacuated to the Firehouse in any photographs or footage of the firehouse?

6) The Child Victims and Survivors
~ Why didn’t Allison Wyatt’s parents immediately contact authorities and news sources to disclaim the false picture of their daughter that was plastered all over the media and why didn’t their friends and relatives contact them within minutes to make them aware of this blunder?

~ Why did it take the public announcement from the Mother of the girl in this picture to correct this blunder?

~ Where are the crime scene photographs, the autopsy reports, the birth certificates and death certificates?

~ Why were parents forced to accept photographic evidence of their deceased children and did they have a choice in the matter?

~ Did any parents demand to positively identify their deceased children in-person?

~ Why do all the kids who were interviewed keep referring to a “drill” and why do they not show any of the trauma one would expect from kids who had just been involved in a Mass Casualty Incident?

~ If it was safe to evacuate 2 children out of the twenty children then wasn’t it was safe for EMTs to evacuate the other 18?

~ Who is the woman wearing the Green Ribbon and laminated badge in the Firehouse pictures on 12/14?

7) The Adult Victims and Survivors
~ Why did Nurse Sally Cox initially identify the shooter as the Son of a SHE Kindergarten Teacher as they stood looking at each other “eye to eye”, who was the Teacher she was referring to?

~ Why did Nurse Sally Cox later change her story saying that she “never saw the shooter’s face” but only the boots he was wearing from her hiding place under her desk?

~ Why was Principal Dawn Hochsprung able to give an interview to Newtown Bee Reporter John Vokel after the shooting if she was killed in the shooting?

~ Where are the interviews with the rest of the eyewitnesses and wounded survivors?

~ How was it that Lauren Rousseau’s Step Father, Hartford Courant reporter, Bill Leukhart, was on-site the day of the shooting and did not mention anything about the shooting in his 4 tweets from that day or capture any photographs and why did he claim that he was not notified of Lauren’s death until the following day?

~ Why did Librarian MaryAnn Jacob go on record stating that there was no noise coming thru the intercom when other people on site claim there was chaos, gunshots and mayhem coming over the Intercom and why is she lying about it?

8) The Families of Victims
~ Why was each family given a gag-order and sequestered with a “Sheriff” living in their homes for many weeks following the shooting- what was their role and purpose and why were the families being supervised so strictly after the disappearance of their loved ones?

~ What are the names and credentials of these “Sheriffs” and how long did they stay in the homes of the victim’s families?

~ Why does there appear to be a genuine lack of real grief and outrage among the Sandy Hook families?

~ Why are most of the Sandy Hook families fairly new residents in Newtown, having arrived within the last two years, and why are so many of them now moving away- where did they come from and where are they going?

~ Where is the family of Allison Wyatt, whose initial image put out to the public was that of a living girl, is the replacement photo showing a new girl consistent with any images from events and class photos at SHE where Allison can be identified with the person in the replacement image?

~ Why did the Justice Dept. pay millions to the families of the victims and why do funds continue to be set up to divert monies to the victim’s families?

~ Why did Robbie Parker’s sister, the Aunt of Emilie, refer to Emilie as having “two older sisters” when Emilie was the oldest having two younger sisters?

~ Why are there over 2000 funding websites seeking to capitalize on the Sandy Hook Event- where is all of this money going and for what purposes?

~ Why did Robbie Parker have a donation site set up for Emilie on 12/14/12 before it was even confirmed that his daughter had been one of the victims?

~ Why did Robbie Parker say on video that the shooter “had a right to kill my daughter” and what did he mean by this?

~ Where are Newtown residents in general unwilling to weigh in with their opinions and observations in order to help clear the smoke and help us gain a clearer view of what was happening that day and the days following the Sandy Hook event?

~ Out of all the victim’s families, why isn’t there one single “wrongful death” lawsuit, in fact, where is any kind of lawsuit?

9) The 911 Calls
~ Who was the female on the 911 call who had been shot in the foot by an AR-15 and why is there no detectable pain or panic in her voice or communications?

~ Why are there no sirens heard in the background on the 911 calls which are always used to help dissuade and deter the assailant from further carnage?

~ Why does Jen in the background say “There’s a rumor it’s fake” and why did Nute then reply “Jen, I need you to get off that phone” and why would one 911 person say such a thing to another without knowing the nature and details of the emergency call, who it was, and why they were calling for help?

~ Where is Nurse Sally Cox’ 911 phone call and which of her differing accounts will it verify and validate?

~ Where are all the rest of the 911 calls?

10) The Medical Examiner Wayne Carver
~ Why is Wayne Carver on the public record giving conflicting testimony- why is he lying and what is he trying to hide?

~ Where are the full autopsy results, including photographs, on all the victims?

~ Previous to Sandy Hook, why did Wayne Carver push so hard to lobby for the passage of new legislation that would prevent the release of child autopsies and seal the contents on pediatric homicide reports?

~ Why did He have Law changed so Autopsy records concerning child homicide victims would not have to be released?

~ Why did processing tech at Carver’s office, Jean Henry, feel the need to show her husband the body of the shooter on 12/16/12 which resulted in her suspension- what did they see, why did she risk her job and how was she discovered?

~ What did Wayne Carver specifically mean when he said? “You can control the situation, depending on the photographer, and I have very good photographers.”

~ What did Wayne Carver specifically mean when he said? “I hope, uhh, I hope they (his medical team) and I hope uhh the people of Newtown, uhh don’t have it crash on their head later”. 

11) Law Enforcement in Newtown
~ Why was the CT State Emergency Response System co-opted on the morning of 12/14/12 and how is it possible that State Police could arrive at SHE before NPD if the NPD Station is 2 minutes away from SHE?

~ Why were a group of 5-6 camo-clad law enforcement who were clearing the outside of the school speaking in a foreign language and which language was it?

~ While vetting a home on Philo Curtis drive, some law enforcement present were recorded on video speaking a foreign language, what language was it?

~ If foreign troops were involved with the Sandy Hook operation, what was their specific role?

~ How were NPD and State Police related to the Active Shooter Drill scheduled for 12/14/12 and 14 miles away from SHE- were they notified, invited to participate, involved at any level and if so, to what extent?

~ Who on the police scanner audio quietly spoke the clear words “End the Life of Adam”?

~ Why was the media asked to stay away from Newtown on the one-year anniversary and why was there virtually no coverage whatsoever of the anniversary of the “most tragic slaughter of innocence” in US history?

~ Why did the NPD and Sedensky report contradict the testimony of Wayne Carver who said it was the “long gun” that was used to kill the child and who were the officers who confirmed the use of handguns?

~ Why did one of the very earliest police reports state that the shooter was a “father of one of the students”?

~ Why did a number of early police reports that there were “multiple shooters” at the scene?

~ Who is the NPD Officer who said frantically, “They’re coming at me” on Crestwood behind the school and who are “they”?

~ Why was CT State Emergency Systems hijacked in the early morning of 12/14/12- who did this and when did NPD and State Police find out and when they did, why did they not mention it publicly or in the Sedensky Report?

~ Exactly how many State Police and Newtown Police had entered SHE and what are their names?

~ Why did Police park ¼ mile away from SHE and then walk to the school if there was a shooting that could result in a Mass Casualty Incident?

~ Why is there not a single crime scene photograph dated 12/14/12 from inside the now-razed and non-investigable school?

~ If the Newtown Police Station is 2.5 miles away, why did it take them 20 minutes to arrive at SHE?

~ Since technology exists that is able to recover damaged data from a smashed Hard Drive, what have NPD been able to find on Adam Lanza’s hard Drive and which tech company did they use for data retrieval?

~ Why were Sharp-Shooters present at SHE with no insignia or identifying marks on their uniforms?

~ Why did some EMT’s state that there were more police and emergency vehicles than civilian vehicles present?

~ After arriving why did NPD wait almost 6 minutes before entering SHE?

~ Who were the police at the scene when Connecticut Post tweeted on 12/14/12, “Police have surrounded a purple van at 33 Crosby Street in Danbury that may be connected to Newtown school shooting”, who was in the van, where did they come from, where were they going and what is the license plate number?

~If a single shooter took his life at 9:40, who was firing multiple shots at 9:46, 9:47, and 9:51 as both police audio, police reaction, dispatch reaction, and officers’ statements indicate?

~ If police reported vehicles fleeing the scene and were able to call in for registration info, who were these vehicles registered to an where is all the police car video?

~ Since there were bullet holes in cars outside of SHE, will NPD be releasing all police car audio and video that might be helpful in further investigation- was it ever utilized in the originally investigation and if so, how can the public gain access to it?

~ Were NPD and CSP in collusion with DHS and FEMA in advance of 12/14/12 to participate in a secret unannounced “Black Drill” at SHE on 12/14/12 and if FEMA and DHS are faking traumatic, terror events, then what recourse does the Constitutionally-protected general public have in preventing further such collusions for the purpose of “Black Drills”?

12) Lt. Vance and Other Drills
~ Were DHS officers present at SHE on 12/14 and was there a secretive “DHS/NPD ONLY” drill scheduled to happen at SHE on 12/14? 

~ If Paul Vance is CT Police Spokesman, then why was he the Officer in Command at the Oxford CT drill live-shooter scenario on 8/11/07?

~ Why did Paul Vance state that he interviewed the shooter’s “co-workers,” and “former students and what are the names of the people he is referencing?

~ How could Lt. Vance make this statement :”Within two hours of the shooting, efforts were made to assign a Connecticut State trooper to each of the 26 families.” if Wayne Carver admitted great difficulty in identifying the victims?

~ Why did Wayne Carver looked spooked when a reporter reminded him the long rifle was found in the trunk and why did he look over to Lt. Vance for the answer and why did Lt. Vance reply ” that’s not true sir” if we have video of NPD retrieving a long rifle from the trunk of the Shooter’s car, why is Lt. Vance lying against video proof?

~ Lt. Paul Vance is on record stating that individuals posing with fraudulent identities will be criminally charged, so will he be prosecuting the individual who identified herself as “Dawn Hochsprung” and provided an after-shooting interview for a Newtown Bee Reporter, especially since in the Bee’s retraction, they mention they had identified the person who initially gave the interview?

~ Does it create a conflict of interest and should they recuse themselves if Lt. J. Paul Vance, Sr. is the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, and has immense influence over the direction of the SHE case as well as the direction of information conveyed (or withheld) from the public, and if his son, J. Paul Vance, Jr., is the Claims Commissioner and decides whether anyone can sue the State?

~ Since Lt. Vance is a confirmed drill coordinator, what time did he arrive at SHE and what time was he made aware of the shootings and where was he when he first became aware of them?

~ When asked if he knew him, why did Lt. Vance claim that he had never heard of Chris Rodia?

~ Was Lt. Vance present at the Sandy Hook Fire Station DHS-Sponsored HSEEP Training program on the date of Sep. 22 2010 and which was organized by Reuben F. Bradford, Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection who announced immediately before the release of the Sandy Hook State Police Report on Dec. 27th 2013 that he will be stepping down to retire early next year?

13) Gene Rosen
~ Why have none of the children dropped off at Rosen’s home been interviewed- who are they and what are their accounts of their activity that day?

~ What are the names of the children that Gene found on his lawn, that were dropped off by a female bus driver, that were running up the street and the ones that ended up inside his house?

~ Why did Gene seek to “entertain” the children rather than call their parents or 911?

~ What is the name of the bus driver who dropped children off at Gene’s and is this in accordance with standard bus company policy and procedure?

~ Gene Rosen has gone on record giving conflicting testimony on a number of points, why is he lying?

~ Why does Mr. Rosen have a black Honda in his driveway with a towel covering the driver’s side window, what is it’s licence plate number and who is it registered to?

~ Why was Gene Rosen identified at the Firehouse on foot by helicopter footage, and by another eyewitness in his car “looking for his children”- what time was he there and why was he there?

~ What is Gene Rosen’s association with Fairfield Hills, a former Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown- what were his roles and responsibilities there?

~ Are there any underground tunnels beneath Gene Rosen’s home?

14) Church of Satan/Masonic Links
~ Is Nathan Crowley, who was the production designer of Dark Knight Rises and direct descendant of Aleister Crowley a practicing satanist?

~ Was Scott Getzinger, Newtown resident and PropMaster for TDKR, murdered in the hospital after his car accident where it was initially reported that he had “no life-threatening injuries”?

~ Why did Scott Getzinger’s wife go to the Newtown PTA meeting and accuse them of murder?

~ Since the Church of Satan (aka. Church of Tiamat) identifies Newtown as the hub of it’s East Coast presence, then what is the actual address of the Church, who is the leader and who are its members?

~ How does one explain the uncanny link between the knife assault on 22 schoolchildren in China on the same date as the Sandy Hook event?

~ Does Newtown lay on a Ley Line that also passes through Stonehenge at Teohuitican?

~ Is there any basis for the long-time rumor’s of satanic activity in the woods of Sandy Hook?

~ Are there any underground tunnels beneath the Masonic Lodge that sits directly behind SHE?

~ Is there any history of MK Ultra programming at Fairfield Hills?

~ What is up with all the Synchromystic links between Batman, The Aurora Shootings and Sand Hook?

15) Newtown Real Estate
~Why were 35 homes surrounding the Lanza home given away for free on Christmas day 2009- who owns them, who lives in them and what are their occupations? 

~ Why did the Local Real Estate Agent in charge of all these “Christmas Day” closings, Robert Hoagland, who lives very near SHE, disappear on July 28th and why is he currently a “missing person”?

~How long has Chris Manfredonia lived directly behind Adam Lanza’s house and how long has he lived there, what is Chris Manfredonia’s street address and did he get the house for free?

~ How long has John Trentacosta, the President and CEO (as of 2009) of Newtown Savings Bank, lived directly across Adam Lanza’s house and how long has he lived there- did he get his house for free?

~ What do you have to do to get a house for free in Sandy Hook?

~ Why is the Newtown Assessor’s Online database no longer publicly accessible?

16) Chris Rodia
~ Why was Chris Rodia’s car, license plate number 872-YEO, driven by the shooter to SHE and why did the NPD and CSP subsequently attempt to cover-up that fact by creating a fictional story about a traffic stop that places Rodia at another location and provides him with an alibi?

~ If Chris Rodia claimed he was driving his mother’s “Sage green Nissan” up in Greenwich, then why wasn’t it it HER name that came back over the scanner- why was it “Chris Rodia”?

~ Why were there 4 doors open on the Shooter’s car and why were there black hoodies on the ground – why hasn’t anyone tested the hoodies for the DNA of Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza, Chris Rodia or Chris Manfredonia?

~ Why is Chris Rodia a walking freeman with 7 felonies, a family history of drug manufacturing and selling, ties to porn websites and firearms ties to the Latin Kings?

~ Why was there an AR-15 in the trunk of Chris Rodia’s car?

17) Eric Holder, Gov. Malloy and Project Longevity
~ Where are the minutes from the meeting of CT. Governor Malloy and US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who convened in New Haven CT on Nov. 27- 2 weeks before the Sandy Hook Event to discuss strategies for “Project Longevity” that would bring federal grant money into CT. to help combat Gun Violence and put local law enforcement agents, academics, and social workers under the direction of the FBI and BATF -why at that meeting did Ron Pinciaro, head of CT Against Gun Violence, say “The community needs to show a little more outrage on these things and demand it to be a top priority”?

~ How much federal grant money was directed towards CT. to help combat gun violence before 12/14/12 and how much was given afterwards?

~ At a post-SHE press conference, who was CT Gov. Malloy referring to when he said, “The Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to regarding something like this playing out in our state” and exactly what kind of scenario was described to Malloy by this person?

18) Newtown Bee and Reporters
~ How was Newtown Bee Reporter John Vokel, who surely would know and recognize the local school Principal, Dawn Hochsprung, able to take an interview from her after the shooting if she was killed in the shooting?

~ Why did the Newtown Bee later retract that interview, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity and saying “it was someone who looked like her” without any further explanation- who exactly was the person that was interviewed posing as Dawn Hochsprung?

~ Why did Andrew Gorosko report that an armed off-duty tactical weapons officer (S.W.A.T) was apprehended in the woods running behind the school immediately following the shooting- who was this person and what was their purpose in being on-site during a Mass Casualty Incident?

~ Reporter Jany Libor tweeted a picture of a man standing near a police cruiser who fits the descriptions made by Andrew Gorosko and by Roy Lowe- who is this man and what were the police speaking to him about?

~ Why did one of Jany Libor’s first tweets of the day mention the “presser” or Press Conference staging area was being set up down the road from SHE at Treadwell Park and that it had been “pushed “ back” several times and why did this tweet go out before the first 911 calls reporting a shooting at SHE?

~Are Reporters and the Press routinely silenced because of current laws that make it illegal for them to talk about the CIA or people in “witness protection” programs?

19) Local Hospitals and Emergency Room Staff
~ Who were the 3 injured victims that came to the hospital from SHE and who treated them- what was the nature of their wounds?

20) Fairfield Hills
~ How is Gene Rosen, who according to his own Pet Service website is a former Psychologist at Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital, related to Fairfield Hills, site of the first legal Lobotomies and possible operational hub for MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming, first developed at Fairfield University- which years did he work there, what were his roles and responsibilities and is there anyone who can provide eyewitness accounts from the years he worked there?

~ Why is there an underground tunnel system below the former Psychiatric Hospital- where do the lead to and do they connect to other sites and locations around Newtown?

~ Why is the former site of Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital now used at the Newtown Municipal center and Newtown Youth Academy, which stands across from a building formerly known as A.D.A.M. (Adolescents Developing and Maturing) House?

~ What are Bill Manfredonia’s roles and responsibilities as Director of Newtown Youth Academy and what kind of “situation” occurred there that resulted in Bob Manfredonia turning himself over to Newtown Police?

~ What is the relationship shared by Bill, Bob and Chris Manfredonia?

~ What were the roles and responsibilities of Newtown Fire Dept. Chief and EMT Head, William Halstead, when he was the Fire Chief for Fairfield HiIIs?

21) The Lawyers and Lawsuits
~ Why have there been no “Wrongful Death” Lawsuits filed by the victim’s families, in fact, why are there no lawsuits whatsoever?

~ Why was the one and only attempt to bring a lawsuit effectively shut down in it’s initial stages and why was the lawyer, Irving Pinsky, scared into submission and silence by death threats by bringing up charges alleging that the State Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Education and State Commissioner of Education were negligent in protecting his client by not providing a safe setting, failing to determine whether the local Newtown Board of Education had provided a safe setting, and failing to require the school and the local board to make an emergency response plan- and by whom was he threatened?


~ Why does CT have immunity against most lawsuits unless it gives a party permission to go forward with a claim and why is Connecticut’s claims commissioner, J. Paul Vance, Jr., the son of Lt. Paul Vance who is heading up the SHE investigation, the only person who can make that decision?

~ How can any state assert a claim of immunity to all lawsuits as CT does here: “The state, unlike most of its citizens, is immune from liability and from suit. Without its consent, the state cannot be held liable in a legal action for any damage or injury it may cause or for the cost of any good, service or benefit it may have received.”

22) The Manfredonia Mystery
~ What is the relationship between Chris Manfredonia of 35 Charter Ridge Rd and Robert Manfredonia at 16 Yogananda St. and how are they related to former Newtown School District Principal, Bill Manfredonia?

~ Since Chris Manfredonia lives behind the Lanza Residence at 36 Yogananda St, what is the extent of their relationship as neighbors?

~ Why does Bill Manfredonia appear to bounce around quite a number of Youth Organizations and Grade Schools?

~ Was CM caught attempting to flee a crime scene with another man who police said was the “uncle of a girl at SHE” and was that individual Robert Manfredonia and are they brothers?

~ Does Chris Manfredonia or Robert Manfredonia have a daughter in Mrs. Roig’s class at the entrance to the school and if so why did CM not simply walk in thru the smashed glass at the entrance rather than saying he was looking for a way to get in from the rear of the school?

~ Would SHE policy dictate that parents of children could be “buzzed in” to gain access to the school once they are recognized by the video cams?

~ Was Chris Manfredonia or Robert Manfredonia involved in an altercation at SHE in the days previous to 12/14?

~ Was CM’s or RM’s wife involved with an incident at SHE in the days previous to 12/14- was she the “drunk mother” who came to pick up her daughter and who was denied by SHE staff?

~ Why was CM at the school so early to help with the Gingerbread houses if that activity was planned for the afternoon after lunch and why would he lie about it?

~ Why was CM not at his workplace as Athletics Director at another school that morning and why was he wearing black camo pants?

~ Has Chris Manfredonia ever participated in any other local DHS/HSEEP Drills?

~ Does CM’s GPS smartphone records place and time him at the places and times that he says?

~ Does CM have any relatives who teach in the Newtown Schools and who would be “colleagues” of SHE School Nurse, Sally Cox, who identified the shooter as the son of a colleague?

~ Was CM at SHE before the shooting started, was he inside and are there any witnesses who saw him inside?

~ Was CM’s wife also at SHE on the morning of 12/14?

~ Was CM one of the two shooters who was identified by police scanner on Crestwood Ave right behind SHE when the policeman said “They’re coming at me” frantically- what is the name of this policeman?

~ When one of the two shooters was “proned out” on Crestwood and the with the other running back into the woods, was that individual CM and where exactly was he apprehended and by whom and was he the individual who was handcuffed and walked out of the woods and identified by witnesses as wearing black camo pants, saying “I didn’t do it”, and being placed in the front seat of a cruiser?

~ Does CM have any paramilitary/SWAT training and does he have any background in the military, special forces, FBI, CIA or any form of Law Enforcement?

~ What exactly was the nature of the altercation between Bill Manfredonia, Director of the Newtown Youth Academy, and Bob Manfredonia, who works for ESPN, at the Newtown Youth Academy that resulted in a warrant for Bob’s arrest leading to Bob’s turning himself in to the NPD?

~ Did former Newtown High School Principal, Bill Manfredonia work intensively with Richard Novia to obtain a $100,000 state grant to place security cams at the High School and is Richard Novia involved with the placement of security cams at SHE?

~ Does Robert Manfredonia have any children at SHE and does his ex-wife teach at Newtown High School and is she close friends with Lisa Hoagland, whose husband, Robert Hoagland of 50 Glen Rd near SHE, has been missing since July 2013?

~ Has Robert Manfredonia ever participated in any other local DHS/HSEEP Drills?

~ Have the Black Hoodies next to the shooters car been tested for Chris and Robert Manfredonia’s DNA?

23) Media Collusion and Complicity
~ What is the name of the CBS reporter who indicated that a second shooter was taken into custody and that a SWAT team had been deployed to his house on Philo Curtis Dr.?

~ Who were the media and camera people who captured video footage of this SWAT deployment and what is the language being spoken by some of the SWAT people who were sweeping the area around the house on Philo Curtis Dr.?

~ Why did Libor Jany’s early tweet on 12/14 get scrubbed from his Twitter Feed, even though there are still pictures of it saved online, that indicated the “presser” or Press Conference was being staged at Treadwell Park and had been pushed back a number of times and why did he tweet that at 9:34am, 6 minutes before the time that any 911 calls were made from SHE? ~ (“Media’s staging at Treadwell Park. Presser’s been pushed back several times.”) Jany- 203-522-7006

~ What was the nature of the Press Conference at Treadwell Park and which press and media were present- when did they arrive and what do their tweets and media archives of that morning indicate?

~ Why did USA Today Reporter, Andrea McCarren, report that Sally Cox claimed to have made eye contact with the shooter who she identified as the son of a kindergarten teacher at SHE and why did Sally Cox later say that she never saw the shooter, but only his boots from under her desk and why is the media pushing only the second story?

~ Why does the media obey the threat of Lt. Vance who said that all official information is coming from him and from “these mics” that he speaks through and why did he threaten with prosecution anyone who tells a different story than his?

24) The LIBOR Scandal 1&2
~ As a Senior Partner at Ernst and Young, what role did Peter Lanza, and the young accountant, Ryan Lanza, play in the audit done for USB, the institution at the center of the LIBOR Scandal, who paid this top Accounting Firm $107 million dollars to “balance their books” in 2011 immediately before this historic banking scandal broke out that involves the manipulation of global markets and high-level theft to the tune of 800 TRILLION dollars world-wide?

25) St Rose of Lima
~ Which Media outlet shot the overhead helicopter footage of NPD rushing St. Rose that was mistakenly portrayed by CNN as SHE- what is the date and timestamp of this footage and what are the names of the each person in that media crew?

~ Were NPD initially routed to St. Rose on the morning of 12/14 and is that why we have footage and is that why it took NPD 20 minutes to get to SHE even though it is a 2-3 minute drive from NPD to SHE?

~ What are the names of the officers who were dispatched to St Rose of Lima school?

~ Why were there eyewitnesses who reported to the press later in the day on 12/14 that a huge number of NPD arrived at St. Rose with guns drawn and took into custody what the original article said was “the shooter’s brother”? (Local woman witnesses arrest of suspect in Newtown shooting)

~ How many of the child victim’s were parishioners at St. Rose Roman Catholic Church and which ones?

~ Was Adam one of the children sexually abused by John Castaldo, a pedophile priest that served at St. Rose of Lima from 1998-1999 when Adam would have been approx. 6 years old since he attended the church at that time and is this why he allegedly had pedophilia-victim advocacy literature in his room as per the Sedensky Report?

~ Are there any underground tunnels beneath St. Rose of Lima Church, School or Rectory?

26) The Sedensky Report
~ Why would Sedensky make the easily disprovable claim that the last shot was fired by the shooter at 9:40am when the 911 calls, the police scanner and police testimony indicate that the last shot was not until 9:51am?

~ Why didn’t Sedensky recuse himself from this case early on as he may have bias as a resident of Newtown and who may know some of the families involved- doesn’t this call for a new independent investigation of the Sandy Hook event?

~ Why did Sedensky fight tooth-and-nail for nearly a year to suppress the release of the SHE Crime Scene Report summary and the 911 calls and why did he make the astounding claim that releasing the recordings would discourage others from making 911 calls in an emergency?

~ When will Sedensky release the full 2000 page report?

~ When will the public be able to hear the rest of the 911 calls including the important 911 call made by Nurse Sally Cox?

27) HSEEP/ Black Drills and FEMA and DHS Involvement

If Newtown Police and Connecticut State Police arrive at the school at around the same time, why are there only State Police cruisers at the school and all the Newtown police cruisers at the fire station?