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Russia vs Ukraine

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#BREAKING: Russia announced a ceasefire starting Monday morning and the opening of humanitarian corridors in several cities, a day after hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians attempting to flee to safety were forced to shelter from Russian shelling.


My commentary: 


This is another expected move. The general population has absolutely no idea what is actually occurring in Ukraine. 


This is not some tyrannical lunatic wanting to conquer the world. 


This is a precision surgical attack. There are specific targets and they are being destroyed. Putin is not trying to take Ukraine for the "mother land". He is not trying to show his force. If that was the case, this would have been over within 3 days. 


There is a very well defined objective and once that objective is accomplished there will be peace. 


Don't think for a second that the US doesn't know what's going on. You are witnessing nothing but posturing and deflection from Washington. They know exactly what is happening and many of them know that they are screwed.




They are putting on a show for the public.... You know.... Like actors.... In a movie. 😉


Oh yeah.... We already know how this ends. And we've been telling you all for years.